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At Onesimus, you get the best debt management services in South Africa that brings you fast and affordable debt relief.

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If we find that you are over-indebted, we will place you under debt review.

We PROTECT you from debt collectors

Being under debt review means that debt collectors will no longer be able to contact you directly. If they do, simply refer them to us and we will handle the rest.

what we provide

Debt Consolidation

A debt solution designed to consolidate your various debt accounts into one, decreased, monthly repayment - taking the stress out of debt consolidation.

Debt Review

A debt solution that protects you against legal prosecution from your creditors, keeping your home & car safe from repossession - all the while getting you out of debt.

Debt Counselling

IA debt solution that effectively and fully repairs your credit record and reduces your repayments drastically - making it easier to pay off your debt each month.

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation:

Consolidate your debt into one affordable repayment.

creative solutions

You make one CONSOLIDATED payment per month

Instead of paying multiple accounts, you only make ONE reduced monthly payment to cover ALL of your costs.

You are on your way to becoming DEBT-FREE!

If you stick to the debt review plan, you can become debt-free in under 3 years!